Exclusive Horse Rug Design

Belly Wrap: Removable belly wrap that keeps your horse warm especially when clipped.

Shorter Drop: Darla Designs Rugs are designed to have a shorter drop than most other rugs for number of reasons: To stop the rug from bunching up at the elbow and lower belly area of your horse from where the Bellyband wraps around causing discomfort and to stop a ‘wind tunnel’ effect on the underneath or belly area of your horse causing them to feel colder underneath.

Gussets:  Darla Designs have  designed a ‘Gusset’ feature on each side of the Belly wrap to help with less bunching and more freedom of movement (and to stop the boys from peeing on their rugs!)

Our Binding Colours:

Darla Designs Rugs has a specific binding colour for each size making it easier to identify the size of your rug for all those people that have multiple Horses to rug by just looking at the binding colour instead of looking for a worn out tag.

  • Yellow: 2’6,
  • Red: 2’9, 6’9
  • Royal Blue: 3’0, 5’3, 7’0
  • Purple: 3’3, 5’0, 6’0
  • Pink: 3’6, 4’9, 5’9
  • Turquoise: 3’9, 4’6, 5’6, 6’3
  • Lime Green: 4’0, 4’3, 6’6

Velcro Tip

Our NUMBER ONE TIP to help the life of all your Velcro strapping is to ‘redo’ or ‘re-strap’ up all the Velcro straps whenever your rug is not in use and ESPECIALLY when washing your rug. This helps keep dirt & debris getting caught in the Velcro and making it ‘less sticky’.

Rug Fill

The middle layer is usually cotton or a polyester batting or ‘fill’ and is what determines the warmth of the weatherproof or doona Rug. Batting (or fill) comes in different thicknesses depending on the purpose of the rug. Essentially the higher number in the batting/fill in gsm (grams per square meter) the bigger the surface area is to hold and create the ‘air pocket’ throughout the rug. These rugs with fill are therefore not made to have other rugs or weight on top of this fill layer, any additional weight on the fill fibres will compress the air pocket causing your rug to be less warm than it is created to be.